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The North Carolina EastEnders fan club consists of hundreds of avid EastEnders fans from across the state.
We get together several times a year to share our enthusiasm for Albert Square.

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New EastEnders auction: help renew the show in 2020!

Today is the first day of an auction to raise funds to renew EastEnders on UNC-TV next year. The auction will run until the end of October, and all proceeds will go toward renewing EE in 2020. As you know, we need to raise $30,000 by the end of the year.

Now, here's the really exciting news: All collectibles that were in last year's auction are now available for 50% less; the starting bid prices have been cut in half! So, if you were hankering after that classic EE board game, the production script, the original Dogs of Walford artwork, and more, now's the time to snap them up! Of course, there are plenty of new items, as well.

Our heartfelt thanks to the club members who kindly donated their EastEnders memorabilia to be used in the auction. You'll see their names on the initial screen. Here's the auction link:

NC EastEnders Fan Club Auction

Thanks for your support, and happy bidding!

Announcing the N.C. EastEnders Facebook Group!
Be sure to stop by and say hi, join a discussion with fellow fans
and keep up with the latest in Albert Square.

Attention Walford Gazette readers: here are the videos mentioned in our article.