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The North Carolina EastEnders fan club consists of hundreds of avid EastEnders fans from across the state.
We get together several times a year to share our enthusiasm for Albert Square.

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EastEnders leaving PBS in December

We have sad news for all U.S. fans of EastEnders. The BBC has decided not to renew its contract with PBS stations airing EastEnders. This was a unilateral decision by the BBC, despite the efforts of our station and others to keep the show on the air.

We wanted to make sure that there was absolutely nothing that we could do, before writing you. Unfortunately, that is the case, and we have to accept the unhappy fact that EastEnders will be leaving PBS. There are just five PBS stations in the U.S. that are currently broadcasting EE. Clearly, the BBC would rather drop that limited market and push fans to license their streaming platforms, such as BritBox, which shows the EE episodes currently airing in the UK. Of course, this leaves EE fans who watch PBS with a 10-year-plus gap of missed programming.

We are sorry to have to communicate this sad news and that we can't offer a remedy. PBS NC will air the last available episodes on Sunday, December 12. Tonight's broadcast will include an announcement of the cancellation, between the two episodes and following the second episode.

PBS NC has put together a webpage in tribute to the NC EastEnders Fan Club, and they will also recognize our group in the upcoming issue of the printed program guide, Centerpiece. We encourage you to continue supporting the station financially, in thanks for airing EE without interruption for over 35 years, and for all the other wonderful programming that we can still enjoy.

Here is PBS NC's message to you: http://www.pbsnc.org/eastenders

Next year will mark the 25th anniversary of the NC EastEnders Fan Club. We would like to celebrate in person, but hesitate setting any dates until we see how the pandemic proceeds in 2022. If at all possible, we'll organize a lunch and guest speaker. For now, just know that we're with you in spirit and share your sorrow at the end of an unforgettable era!

Dave & Linda

Return of the E20 Chronicles!

We just sent you a message conveying the sad news that EastEnders is leaving PBS. While nothing can alleviate the pain of losing our beloved show on PBS, we wanted to share some positive news.

Deborah Gilbert has begun publishing new issues of her popular EE newsletter, the E20 Chronicles. This long-awaited return couldn't come at a better time! Now you can keep up-to-date with all-things-EastEnders and stay in touch with fellow fans.

Each issue is chock full of EE news, articles, and tidbits. It's like a chin wag in an e-mail--and it's FREE! To get on the mailing list, just e-mail Debbie Gilbert at E20Launderette@mac.com.

NOTE: If you subscribed in the past and did not receive the recent issue pictured below, please check in and update your e-mail address. TA!

Announcing the N.C. EastEnders Facebook Group!
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