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N.C. EastEnders Fan Club - December 6, 2003

Raleigh, North Carolina

Our fan club met for lunch Saturday, December 6, at Greenshields Brewery and Pub in Raleigh. We had a total of 54 attendees, with club members traveling from as far as Fayetteville to join us! It was great to see all our longtime members and welcome the newcomers. We even had an adorable 5-year-old guest named Sage--truly a gathering for all ages!

Club members feasted on a variety of appetizers and entrees, including Scotch Egg, Beer Battered Onion Rings, and the perennial favorite, Fish & Chips. We met in the private pub area, which features a cozy fireplace, couches, and a wide-screen TV.

Our planned guest speaker was unable to attend, due to work commitments. Yes, Melissa Berry has a fulltime job in addition to being president of the Western North Carolina EastEnders Fan Club! We will reschedule Melissa for a future meeting. She was kind enough to assemble a tape with EE clips and specials that we can view the next time we meet.

Dave opened the meeting with some announcements. He updated fans on the cancellation of EastEnders on BBC America and Larry Jaffee's efforts to find a new home on cable for EE. You can keep track of Larry's campaign by subscribing to the Walford Gazette. He is offering NC EastEnders Fan Club members a special rate: $15 for 1 year and $26 for 2 years. Here are details on subscribing:


Dave also told fans to mark their calendars for Sunday, February 22. That will be EastEnders night at UNC-TV's Festival Fundraiser, and we'll be asking for your help. Volunteering at Festival with fellow EE fans is a lot of fun, and we hope you can join the party this year!

During the last hour of the meeting, we viewed a tape. As many of you know, BBC America cancelled EastEnders just as a key character from the past was set to return. [If you don't like spoilers, please skip the rest of this paragraph.] "Dirty Den" Watts was about to reappear on the show, but American fans were cheated out of seeing those eagerly anticipated episodes. Our tape was an hour-long special broadcast in the UK on the BBC, all about the return of Den. It featured interviews with the EastEnders cast and crew, as well as clips from famous Den moments on EE.

I want to thank everyone who attended on Saturday and tell you what a great time I had meeting and talking with you! We'll have another get-together after Festival, and we're looking into other venues for lunch.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season. I'm sure we'll all enjoy the upcoming EE episodes...Christmas, New Year's, and weddings!