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N.C. EastEnders Fan Club - November 17, 2001, Luncheon

Royal China Buffet, Raleigh, North Carolina

Quiz Questions

  1. What was the name of Peggy's first husband?
  2. Name the most recent EastEnders character to have an abortion.
  3. Who was described as "an oldie but a goodie, though it's a bit of a disappointment when she's got her kit off?"
  4. Which EastEnders actress in real life came out as a lesbian in 1990?
  5. In which part of London was the Di Marco's restaurant located before their move to Walford?
  6. How is the name of the Di Marco's current restaurant spelled?
  7. What business is located at 2 Bridge Street in Albert Square?
  8. What was the name of Mark and Ruth's foster child?
  9. Who bought Frieda the greyhound (two people)?
  10. What is the name of Rosa's cat?
  11. What is the Cockney term for a low-class tavern or bar?
  12. What were the names of the mother and son who moved away with Nigel and Claire?
  13. Who was Lou Beale's illegitimate daughter?
  14. What disease did Dot Cotton think she had?
  15. What's an EastEnders expression for "hungry"?
  16. What is the proprietor or manager of a pub called?
  17. Who swindled Barry and Roy out of the money from their car business?
  18. Who calls everyone "sweetheart"?
  19. Who often wore a necklace with her name on it?
  20. Name the year, month, date, day of the week, and time when the first episode of EastEnders aired in the UK. (One point for each correct answer.)


  21. What was Terry's job before he came to Walford?
  22. Who got married in a registry office with just two witnesses?

And the answers are...