Quiz Questions

  1. Who is the father of Cindy Beale's son Steven?
  2. What are the names of Cindy and Ian's twins?
  3. Which EastEnder character did combat duty in the Falklands?
  4. Besides the Jacksons, name another interracial couple featured on the show.
  5. Which female character formed a cab business?
  6. What was it called?
  7. Where did Angie Watts first go after her divorce from Den?
  8. Where did she eventually settle down?
  9. What is the name of the pub where Kathy Beale was raped?
  10. Who was her assailant?
  11. Who is Vicki Fowler's father?
  12. What is Vicki's middle name?
  13. How many times has Michelle Fowler been pregnant (that we know of)?
  14. How many times has Michelle been married?
  15. Who killed Eddie Royle?
  16. Who almost killed Eddie Royle?
  17. Name a character who was hospitalized for depression.
  18. Who was Donna Ludlow?
  19. What was her ultimate fate?
  20. Name three women who slept with Richard "Tricky Dicky" Cole.
  21. Why did Sanjay and Gita separate?
  22. What was the name of Ian Beale's catering business?
  23. Who were Colin and Barry?
  24. What was Lofty's last name?
  25. How did Angie convince Den not to divorce her when he first asked?
  26. Where did they go for their second honeymoon?
  27. Who did they run into there?
  28. True or False: Arthur has cheated on Pauline.
  29. True or False: Pauline has cheated on Arthur.
  30. How many children does Carol Jackson have?
  31. What are their names?
  32. Who is Carol's husband?
  33. Who was Phil Mitchell's first wife?
  34. Where was she from?
  35. What were the names of Walford's young homeless couple?
  36. Who was the first person to die on EastEnders?
  37. What was the cause of death?
  38. Name three characters who served time in prison.
  39. Which EastEnders actor (in real life) served prison time for manslaughter?
  40. Which EastEnders actor once starred in Are You Being Served?
  41. Believe it or not, Steve once had a girlfriend. What was her name?
  42. Which characters went on the group trip to Spain this season?
  43. Which ones "got lucky"?
  44. Who was Roly?
  45. What happened to him?
  46. Which EastEnders couple lost their baby to crib ("cot") death?
  47. Name two Eastenders characters who have been recast by different actors since the show began.
  48. Name all the Taverniers you can remember: one point for each!
  49. When you hear the sound "Kaff" on EastEnders, it can mean one of two things. What are the two possible interpretations?
  50. What is the name of Grant Mitchell's dog?