Quiz Answers

  1. Simon Wicks ("Wicksy")
  2. Lucy and Peter
  3. Grant Mitchell
  4. Binnie Roberts and Della Alexander; Clyde Tavernier and Michelle Fowler; Ricky Butcher and Shireen Karim; Carmel Roberts and Matthew Jackson; Sue and Ali Osman; Meena and (?) MacKenzie.
  5. Pat Butcher
  6. PatCabs; she and Frank later formed F&P Cabs.
  7. Marbella, Spain
  8. Florida
  9. The Dagmar
  10. James Willmott-Brown
  11. Den Watts
  12. Louise (named for her great-grandmother)
  13. Three: once by Den; once by Lofty (aborted); and once by Grant.
  14. Once, to Lofty.
  15. Nick Cotton
  16. Grant Mitchell
  17. Arthur Fowler or Sue Osman
  18. Kathy's daughter, conceived when Kathy was raped at age 14.
  19. She overdosed on drugs.
  20. Rachel Kominsky, Kathy Beale, Gita Kapoor, and Bianca Jackson
  21. Sanjay had an affair with Gita's sister, Meena.
  22. He had two: Beales on Wheels and The Meal Machine.
  23. Colin Russell and Barry Clark were the first gay couple featured regularly on the show.
  24. Lofty's name was George Holloway.
  25. She told him she was dying of liver disease and had just six months to live.
  26. Venice
  27. Den's mistress, Jan
  28. True
  29. False
  30. Four
  31. Bianca, Robbie, Sonia, and Billy
  32. No one; it's a trick question! Carol and Alan are not legally married.
  33. Nadia
  34. Romania
  35. Aidan Brosnan and Mandy Salter
  36. Reg Cox
  37. He was beaten to death.
  38. Den Watts, Grant Mitchell, Pat Butcher, Nick Cotton, and James Willmott-Brown
  39. Leslie Grantham (Den)
  40. Wendy Richard (Pauline)
  41. Hattie Tavernier
  42. Steve, David, Grant, Phil, Ricky, and Bianca. They met up with Sam when they got there.
  43. David, Grant, Ricky, Bianca, and Sam
  44. A poodle owned by the Watts family.
  45. Mandy took him for a walk and carelessly let him be run down by a car.
  46. Sue and Ali Osman
  47. Mark Fowler has been played by David Scarboro and Todd Carty. Peggy Mitchell was played by (?) and Barbara Windsor.
  48. Jules, Celestine, Etta, Clyde, Hattie, Lloyd, and Kofi
  49. Definition #1: a place to eat (café) Definition #2: how Phil Mitchell pronounces his wife's name
  50. Frieda