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N.C. EastEnders Fan Club - February 3, 2001, Luncheon

Sorrento Restaurant, Morrisville, North Carolina

Quiz Questions

  1. Who had an affair with Alan Jackson after his marriage to Carol?
  2. Which character had a tin foil fetish?
  3. What serious illness did Kathy and Phil's infant son Ben contract?
  4. What are "fags" (in Cockney English)?
  5. What is Ethel's last name?
  6. Who did Claire and Sonia imagine was a killer with bodies in his cellar?
  7. Who falsely claimed that David Wicks got her pregnant?
  8. What is "kip" (in Cockney English)?
  9. Name a male character who has been on EastEnders during its entire run.
  10. Den Watts was involved with an organized crime group. What was it called?
  11. What is the name of Claire's biological father?
  12. Who broke into Carol Jackson's house and was arrested for burglary?
  13. Who was Lorna?
  14. What is the EastEnders phrase for carry out or fast food?
  15. Arthur Fowler was framed for stealing money from what community campaign?
  16. Where did Joe and Lorraine move after leaving Walford?
  17. What was Richard "Tricky Dick" Cole's job title?
  18. Sharon is to Letitia as Michelle is to _____?
  19. What is the term for the piece of land that Arthur cultivated as a hobby?
  20. What nationality was Ali Osman?
  21. Who broke his engagement to Michelle?
  22. What is the EastEnders word for diapers?
  23. If you were "in the club," what would that mean?
  24. Who was Mrs. Hewitt?
  25. Which youngster had a near-death experience with the drug Ecstasy at a rave?
  26. What was his girlfriend's name?
  27. Who wed a Romanian refugee?
  28. What is Bianca's favorite word for insulting a female?
  29. Who went to prison for a drunk driving fatality?
  30. In Episode 1, Reg Cox was found dying in his room. Which three people found him?

And the answers are...

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